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Hawkins animal trapping is a family owned business established in mid 2018. After working in the industry for 10 years I decided to venture out on my own to offer the best quality and most honest services possible.

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All of us at Hawkins Animal Trapping love what we do. We offer wildlife and animal removal services for homeowners and businesses. Wildlife animal removal can be a time consuming, costly and dangerous task for an untrained person to attempt by themself. Incorrect methods can lead to more damage rather than do any good. Our wildlife removal services will eliminate the animal problem from your home or business for good.

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Our Services

Rodent Removal

Raccoon removal

Bird removal

Snake Removal

Skunk Removal

Opossum Removal

Attic cleaning services

Gopher Removal

Bat Removal

Dead Animal Removal

We take care of many dead animal situations such as dead animal in the crawlspace or attic, as well as if it is out in the open in an area like a lawn, roof or driveway.

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Hawkins Animal Trapping & Removal

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