Bird Removal

Bird Removal

The most common services we provide for birds is bird prevention and removal. Birds such as pigeons, sparrows, mud swallows and starlings can target gaps, cracks and ledges on a home or business and exploit them.

Solar Panel Prevention

Pigeons can roost under solar panels which can be damaging to the solar system as well as the roof. We start with bird nest removal and bird feces cleanup. We the disinfect the affected areas and install bird proof mesh to all panels for prevention.

Netting for Mud Swallows

Swallows build their nests high up, usually under a ledge or roofline. If caught in time the nest can be removed and a preventative netting can be installed to your home or business.

Bird Spikes

Some birds will simply build their nests or choose ledges as their favorite spot to roost. Spikes can be installed to prevent birds from nesting as well as landing at all.

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