Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are beautiful animals and are important to the ecosystem but they are also mischievous and can be very destructive. Common destructive behaviors include tearing up lawns and lawn furniture, washing their hands and defecating in swimming pools, destroying roof tiles to gain entry into attics and peeling back crawlspace screens to break into crawlspaces.

Raccoon Prevention

The team at Hawkins animal trapping is trained to repair and animal proof your home with such services as custom crawlspace doors, vent screen repair, sealing of carpenters gaps on the roof and more.

Raccoon Trapping

For raccoon control we use the latest and safest methods to catch or remove single individuals either by hand or catching them alive in harm free cage traps.

Raccoon Eviction

If there is a situation with a raccoon mother and babies we use a method called an eviction. In this process the mother, together with the kits are safely removed while the family remains together.

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