Snake Removal

Snake Removal

There are primarily four different kinds of snakes in the Los Angeles and Orange County area including rattlesnakes, gopher snakes, king snakes and garter snakes. If you see a snake on your property never assume that it is not dangerous based on its size. We offer live snake control services and have the professional equipment to do so. Some snakes, even though small in size, can be very aggressive and even poisonous.

Snake Fence

We offer installation of snake proof fencing. This is vinyl coated black mesh that can barely be seen once installed. It’s professionally mounted to existing fence lines three feet above ground, and in a dirt or lawn setting, buried one foot below. Snakes cannot burrow under it or slither over it.

Snake Repellent

We also offer snake repellent services. We use a liquid, as well as a pellet form. These have natural and non toxic ingredients and are quite effective.

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